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Dapper & Dressy Back-to-School Shoes (via Zappos)

We can hardly believe it’s already August! With summer winding down, it’s never too early to start thinking about that time of year parents look forward to and kids dread: back to school! These adorably cute kids’ shoes are perfect for more dressed…

How to Shop for Shoes the Evolved Way

  • Think of a brand you like.

  • Browse

    The easiest way is also the most complex way. Go to the Shoe Mall. Find the brand you like and click on it in the Brands menu or the dropdown that shows up on the far right of the title bar in the Brands department. If you are on the dropdown menu and looking for *Timberland*, this means you are going to scroll a loooong time.

  • Click

    When you click on a picture of a pair of shoes or boots or other footwear, some magic happens. A new window will open and you will be taken to the retailer which sells what you have clicked on. The Shoe Lass will sit quietly in the background reading a book on Darwin until you get back.

  • Buy

    When you arrive at the retailer where the footwear is actually being sold, you may want to buy what you clicked on or go cruising their site to see what other goodies they have for your feet. Do NOT worry. You should do this. The Shoe Lass will be here waiting patiently when you return, still reading her book.

  • Wear

    Between the time you buy and the time you wear will be this period of time some like to call In Transit. Others call it Shipping. If you are in a real hurry, some footwear places will ship to you extremely fast but they will charge extra to do so. If you live on the South Pole, you may not see your new footwear until the next supply helicopter arrives. If you live in the Continental USA, you will probably have better luck. This is between you and the retailer, and nothing The Shoe Lass can do or say will speed up or slow down your footwear arrival. When it does, then you can wear it.

  • Repeat.